The 2021 Center Colorfest "If you've got it, haunt it!" Light Contest and Scavenger Hunt!


The results are in! Thank you to everyone who participated, we had over 60 groups or individuals return Scavenger Hunt forms, this is a large increase from last year.  We also received many positive comments and thoughts for other events, we thank you for the positive feedback.


The top 4 vote receiving displays receive gift cards to Greater Richland Area Chamber of Commerce restaurants.  In the voting of commercial/civic group displays:


1st-Dreams Bridal-$75

2nd- Computer Dr's-$50

3rd-A Seasonal Touch-$25

4th-Christy's Sunny Side-$20

In the residential display category here is the result of the voting:

1.Liz and Joe,  266 E 4th Street-$75

2. JJ and Cindy, 2000 Allison Park Dr-$50

3. Stan & Kathy, 1010 N Church-$25

4. Brian & Katelynn, 890 E Kinder-$20





Due to the way the Scavenger Hunt submissions were returned  we actually changed the groups to two categories, "Family" and "Adult". 

In the Family category, we had 4 families who returned their Scavenger Hunt forms with every property correctly identified and they also had the answer to the two tie-breaking questions correct. To determine the order of finish for the Greater Richland Area Chamber of Commerce gift cards we then went to a drawing to simply draw them in order out of the hat.

#1. The Stocks Family-$75 Gift Card

#2. Shawn and Breanna Ward Family-$50 Gift Card

#3. Brian and Rachel Jelinek Family-$25 Gift Card

#4. Kevin Riley Family- $20 Gift Card

In the adult category, there were 16 forms returned with all of the scavenger items correctly identified and located with the right property. However, 6 of those did not get the tie-breaker question correct.  Therefore, that left us with 10 entries with the correct answers and tie-breaker questions. Again we used the best method possible to determine order of finish or awards, and we added gift cards for all who returned the forms with the correct answers.

#1. Angie Paulson $75 Gift Card

#2. Abbey Ruetten $50 Gift Card

#3. Lonnie Haas $25 Gift Card

All other competitors who submitted a correct entry form, with the tie-breakers properly answered also receive a $20 gift card, those include:

Summer Shaw

Sierra Schiesser

Emma Ruetten

Abigail Weers

Tora Perkins

Erin Schwitchtenberg

Jessa Stouffer

The Greater Richland Area Chamber of Commerce and Richland Center Tourism will be reaching out to everyone above in the near future. Some day when Facebook is back in operation we will share this information there and the correct answers for all questions.

Thank you again!