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The Richland County Snowmobile Alliance brings together a relentless group of volunteers from five area snowmobile clubs that offer you the 134 miles of beautifully groomed and well-maintained snowmobile trails through our breathtaking hills and valleys. Get your gear, download a Snowmobile Trail Map, check the trail report and hit the trails for some fun in the snow.


Pine River Recreation Trail

Following the old abandoned railroad bed, the 14.8 mile-long Pine River Trail allows for a scenic route stretching from the southeastern part of the county in Lone Rock to the heart of Richland Center. This easy-graded rail trail invites hikers and cyclers in the spring, summer and fall, and snowmobilers in the winter.  Listen to 100.9 WRCO for Trail openings or closings. More information can be found on the Richland County Snowmobile Alliance website at


Trail Passes

We would like to remind you that you need a trail pass to ride on Wisconsin Trails. The reasoning for this is to encourage more memberships with local snowmobile clubs and recruit new people to help with trail marking.  Remember that snowmobile trails are marked and maintained by snowmobile club members that volunteer their time. It’s always great to have new people and new ideas that lead to new and better trails.


Trail passes are $30.00 per snowmobile and can be purchased through DNR licensing stations.  Discounted trail passes are $10.00 per snowmobile and are to be purchased online at In order to qualify for a discounted trail pass, you have to belong to a snowmobile club.

All Trail Pass money goes into a segregated account set up by the DNR and is to be given back to Snowmobile Clubs in Wisconsin; no other government entity will get any of that money.  This law was created by snowmobilers for snowmobilers.  This measure was introduced to the legislature by the legislative committee of the AWSC.