Down season? What down season?

When I first accepted the position of Tourism Coordinator at Richland Center Tourism there were several thoughts that drove me to take on this challenge.

  1. I assumed (we all know what happens when we assume something) the primary tourism season in the area was mostly May to November so quite honestly those winter months would be a little slower and less intense.

  2. I knew we needed to expand exponentially, our reach in the online world and social media, as well as design a coordinated campaign to market not just the city of Richland Center but the resources of the surrounding area.

Now if you read those two points and compare them together you will realize how mistaken I was with point #1, if we were to achieve point #2. Yes, I was completely misguided with my thought process in the beginning.

The great news, we are making some huge strides with marketing our area to potential visitors and guests. In the past 12 months we have launched coordinated online campaigns and visual outdoor advertising in our target locations.

If you are in the Milwaukee, NW Chicago suburbs, Rockford, or SW Minnesota areas you just might run into one of our digital billboards interrupting your travel or thought process, tempting you to give us a look. This image is from Driftless Music Gardens right here in the Richland area, if you haven't checked them out you are missing one of the premier outdoor music venues in the Midwest! I have yet to meet anyone who has enjoyed a concert there who hasn't raved about the experience.

We are also bragging about our fishing and family experiences with these digital boards. If you are an experienced angler you already know our area boasts some of the best trout fishing in the nation! For those who aren't aware, Finnigan is out there with his catch luring anglers and families to check us out!

We are seeing exceptional growth in our website numbers with the efforts we are undertaking, However, some of the most exciting news is yet to come. In the coming months you will hear about several developments that will help us grow our reach and identity with those potential visitors who simply have never heard of the Richland area. I look forward to sharing that news with you!

Back to the original thoughts at the beginning of this blog, there is no "down" season in the Richland area tourism world. That time is spent developing the tasks and efforts we employ during the busier spring thru fall months and this particular year was busier than normal due to the developments you will be hearing about over the next few weeks. So yes, "stay tuned" and you will see some big changes coming as well as hear about some interesting growth we are experiencing, and no, there is no slow season anymore.


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