It's almost Fall, y'all!

Updated: Aug 18

In the Greater Richland area, there is a time when we can sense every season begins to change and the aging season is giving way to the next season. For instance, we can always tell when winter is giving up on its icy grip to a season we affectionately call Mud Spring (the 4 different attempts spring makes to stick in our area that ultimately just leaves mud everywhere but at least by May it makes great grass).

Fall is a season that the signals of change are unmistakable and they are very abrupt, here are the sure signs that fall is directly around the corner:

  • Parents realize summer is ending and try to jam 3 months' worth of summer activities into two weeks. (Trips to the aquatic center, library, and kayaking the Pine all happen in the same week.)

  • Fall sports season starts, and those nighttime lights at football and soccer fields and the beginning of high school volleyball practices suddenly cause issues with the labor force all over the area.

  • The Wisconsin State Fair ends, but locally you see kids working with show animals all over the place and the Richland County Fair begins to come top of mind.

Probably the A-1 indicator that fall is upon us:

  • Oakwood Fruit Farm Apple Cider Donut season begins. This should replace Pumpkin Spice Season nationwide as the seasons run co-current with each other but not enough people are familiar with the joy an Oakwood Donut brings to their life.....yet. But we are working on that.

The opening of Oakwood Fruit Farm's retail space is definitely an area indicator that fall is upon us. But also as mentioned above the Woodman Aquatic Center is counting down its remaining season with a scheduled last day of Thursday, August 25, make sure to get a trip to the Dairy-O in as well, they go hand-in-hand together. The Center Colorfest schedule is filling up with many traditional events including the Wheels of Time Power Show and the return of the Canyon of Lights Parade, you can register your entry at this link: Also there is the addition of the Greater Richland Center Chamber of Commerce Wine Walk on the same weekend, Friday, September 30.

The Hill and Valley Exploration Tour is also approaching on the weekends of Saturday, September 17 and the 24th. Area towns have their fall festivals scheduled with Yuba's Fire in the Hills Car Show by Roosters Car Club, and Ithaca's Homecoming and School Fair on September 24. Even Bear Valley is getting in the fall spirit with their Fall Fish Boil at Kaul Community Park on Saturday, September 24.

We encourage you to keep an eye on the Calendar of Events at for all of the scheduled unique activities and events in the area and we are regularly adding new events. We look forward to meeting everyone this fall and if you have questions about a future event, or would like to get an event added to the calendar feel free to reach out to us by messaging us at this link:


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