The Summer of "That's Cancelled!".

When I took the Tourism Coordinator position permanently I was quite excited to do so. That excitement quickly turned in to shock and indignant resignation with the onset of the COVID-19 threat. I had big plans and a desire to bring new events to the area but that has turned into a never-ending feeling of being the elementary school playground supervisor who always put an end to your activity just as it appeared it was becoming fun.

Fortunately, in the Greater Richland Center Area we were set up to thrive in a "socially-distancing" society. With our winding Pine and Wisconsin Rivers, rolling hills, over 600 miles of UTV/ATV roadways, and hundred's of acres of public forests, parks, and trails, we have space for every visitor to find their comfort zone.

We do encourage visitors to come experience one of these attractions who offer distance-friendly experiences:

The Pine River Trail

Whether you are biking, hiking, or just walking there is plenty of solitude to recharge and exercise. Check here for more information:

The Pine River

It is perfect for kayaking and if you don't own a kayak you can contact Pine River Paddle and Tube for rental support, (608) 475-2199.

Eagle Cave

Wes and Michelle can outfit you for a canoe trip down the Wisconsin River, from 1-3 day trips available. Don't forget to tour the cave or set up camp at their hilltop campground. Call ahead for reservations (608) (608) 537-2988.

Wild Hills Winery

Formerly Weggy Winery, Wild Hills has a new energy and plenty of room to roam at 80 acres of land. They have several different options available for wine tastings. Open Thursday thru Sunday, call ahead for details at (608) 647-6600

The Ash Creek Forest

This hidden gem is 354 acres of former federal land intended to be a lake, but now turned into hiking trails, horse riding trails, streams for public fishing, and just getting away from it all. Hit this link for more details.

Pier Natural Bridge Park

This awe-inspiring park contains campsites, hiking trails, postcard quality rock formations, and the location where the west branch of the Pine River meets the main branch. See more info at this link:

As you can see, we still have an abundance of great activities we can still enjoy, all while keeping a safe distance from others. Feel free to come visit and experience our piece of the Driftless Area!


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