We weren't kidding when we said we have big news!

I told you we were building up to some big announcements and to follow up on that promise we will kick that off with today's announcement, the Greater Richland area has been chosen to be the test site for the first "self-driving bicycles" in America.

The self-driving bicycle has been tested in the Netherlands and now the manufacturer has chosen the Richland County area as the test site in the United States. Pim van der Feltz, primary developer and distributor of the bike commented, "Richland County offers the best test simulation of the capabilities of our bikes, without jumping right into an urban setting. With the rolling hills, winding pathways and roads, this will truly put the bike to the test." Van der Feltz continued, "This geography will also encourage the test users to focus on the outer surroundings and let the bicycle do it's work without interference."

Test users in the Netherlands have commented that the self-driving bike allows for greater freedom of their day and a more efficient use of their time. One user commented, "I have so much more time now."

"The self-driving bicycle allows my children to come and go as they please without any worry on my part. It is freeing!"

For more detailed information on the Netherlands experience, you can see that by clicking on this link.

We expect the self-driving bikes will begin to appear in the Richland area on June 31, depending on supply chain issues. More details to follow!

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